Put A Soundbar In Your UTV

There’s something to be said about the satisfying sound of tires rolling over loose gravel as you make your way blind or explore a few backcountry trails on your UTV or four-by-four. But sometimes, you want a powerful soundtrack - and that’s where we come in! The days of traversing silent trails are gone, and with the technologies available now, tricking out your UTV with high-quality audio can bring as much satisfaction as the ride itself.

Sound Bars ATV UTV Four-by-four Accessories Trail Star Audio four wheelers soundbar

Originally designed for theaters, soundbars are finding their way into pleasure cruisers and utility vehicles - and rightly so. Their sleek, space-saving design allows for multiple speakers to be placed in a single cabinet, creating a loud, vibrant sound that can be heard at quite a distance. We’ll help you bring your favorite tunes to the trail so you can keep your focus on planning your next excursion!

All of our sound bars are marine grade, with a two year warranty are made of durable, quality materials that will withstand a rough ride and a multitude of weather elements. They feature Bluetooth connectivity so you can pair your preferred device. Ranging in wattage, driver size, and dimensions, we can accommodate whatever your sound/size needs might be, so you can get the most bang (and boom) for your buck!

Right now on our website, we have several discounted sound bars where you can save up to $200 off retail prices on models like the Powerbass XL-800

We’ve got all of your mounting accessories covered and will help to troubleshoot any questions you might have about any of our products. We want you to be completely satisfied with your audio system and the envy of all your friends who will hear you coming down the trail!

Sound Bars ATV UTV Four-by-four Accessories Trail Star Audio